May 9, 2012
Hinge -- v0.0.1

Hinge, my Node.js inspired API for Common Lisp wrapping libev is finally to a state where I feel okay giving it a non-zero version.

I’ve decided now would be a good milestone because the HTTP server functions, and has a set of exported APIs that let you reply to the requests it generates.

The quick set of terrible benchmarks I performed on the “Hello World!” example show me a requests/second throughput of 1500-2500 depending on the mood of ab (and the state of the number of sockets available on localhost). I intend to run it through a more serious (and HTTP/1.1 supporting) tool in the future, but for now ab has convinced me that the decisions I’ve made so far have not been abysmal.

The examples directory contains a bunch of example programs, or in the earlier cases, code snippets demonstrating various levels of functionality.

In the near future, in addition to covering the issues in the README, adding additional polish, and any bugs or blatant performance issues that come up I would like at some point to add support for:

  • HTTP Clients
  • SSL Sockets and Servers
  • SSL HTTP Servers and Clients
  • Async wrappers around FS calls
  • Websockets (RFC6455) support
  • Mongrel2 ZeroMQ handler support (through m2cl)
  • Mongrel2 ZeroMQ protocol-compatible server
  • SPDY Support (Somewhere down the list, maybe)

Any feedback is welcome however way you want to deliver it to me. This initial version stands to serve as a basic starting point for the concepts I wanted to convey, the take on the core APIs I wanted to offer, and a proof of a series of related concepts and architectural decisions. It may (hopefully) be useful as a stable base for progress, rather than chasing an otherwise potentially unstable head.

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