December 31, 2011
IRC -> 0MQ Bridge

I started working on a project to bridge IRC to IRC-based services using ZeroMQ as a transport. So far I’ve managed to convince it to connect and broadcast out messages that are easy to ZMQ_SUBSCRIBE to and handle a few commands sent as JSON over another set of 0MQ sockets. 

Hopefully it ends up more useful than just fun.

Sean Bryant started hacking together an adapter to link in Hubot as a 0MQ service called Hubot-Shaky this should make this project useful more quickly.

The project runs on SBCL and is still in the early stages. The only way to operate it is still from a REPL. I’m posting it now because it’s at a point where it’s theoretically possible to write something like a Google service, and in case any one has every been curious about digging through a small-scale but sanely packaged Common Lisp project.

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